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Cash desk software

Introduction of calculations in one system
You can pay your taxes directly through our website.
Quick integration with your application
We integrate with any system if you need to pay immediately
Protect your funds
Your all funds are protected, because after the transfer it is transferred to our bank accounts

Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Your information is protected.
All your payments and transactions are protected and no one can intervene in this process.
Accepting payments worldwide
We provide payment acceptance all over the world, and for all types of bank cards.
Reliable cooperation
We establish the best relationships with our customers, and do everything to make them happy.

For developers

Providing Servers
We provide separate servers for our customers, for those who want to create an online store
Technical assistance in integrating our system
We provide assistance services to integrate our payment system.
Sample Introduction
Automatically keep track of your monthly expenses
Profitable cooperation
We cooperate favorably for both parties, providing all the opportunities to make everything simpler

For individuals

Registration for all
If you are an individual and do not have a TIN, we will also connect you, without any restriction. All types of activities can connect to us.
Same commission
Both legal entities and individuals have the same interest rates, it depends on the type of project to be connected.
Help in registering a legal entity
If you need to open a legal entity, then we will help in this process, and we will complete all the documents.

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