Electronic wallet for storing and transferring money

* Payment for various services and payments
* Free virtual card issue
* Multicurrency
* Transfer of funds without interest
* Payment in stores

Why do we?

Issuance of bank cards

Pay by card all over the world, where there is no HPAY Wallet, there is always a card acceptance.
Issue free virtual cards and pay for purchases securely around the world.
In just one second, you can issue cards by choosing any card currency.

Fast transfers around the world

Transfer money all over the world, no interest, only by username. Transfers are made instantly 24/7.

multiple currency account

Store money in local currency and transfer money to any country by username only.
Pay for goods in any currency without conversion, quickly and conveniently, no conversions for payments.

Payment for various services and payments

Pay for various goods and services from your wallet with instant payments.
In just one minute, top up your room balance or pay your utility bill.

Payment Methods